Turkey - Part 3

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Here is part 3 of my adventure in Turkey. If you just got out of a coma and you don't know what's going on, England is out of the EU, Trump is the new US President, and you can check part 1 and part 2 of my trip before you start this post.

OK now that you are up to date with the world, I can start.

So the third day of my trip to Turkey started very early, still at the house of the man in Izmir. Me, Martyna and Kuba all enjoyed the wonders of a bathroom, since we didn't know when we would have this privilege again. Life on the road is hard and full of terrors. Our host decided to take us to a local place to have a typical Turkish breakfast.

My mouth is watering already!

As you can see, Turkish people really know how to do breakfast. It was so delicious we couldn't stop eating. Best breakfast I ever had. There was salad, fruits, jams, bread, more like amazing bread, cheese and more.

This was the local place we had breakfast

That was the lovely lady cooking for us!

After this great breakfast, we asked our host to leave us on the road that would lead us south to Antalia. However he had other plans for us. First he took us to the local market.

Crazy market

Our host was conducting some business at this market. I told you in the previous post that he worked with clothes. We spent some time here and we were starting to be a bit worried because we were losing time, we needed to get going, after all our objective was still Antalia. We voiced our concerns as best we could, and he kept telling us not to worry, that everything was good. While he was doing business there he was also getting information on how to get us to the south. Meaning he bought us bus tickets. Yeah, you read it right. Once we realized what he was doing, we tried to tell him that we didn't want the tickets and that he had already done a lot for us. It was never our objective to have him pay for anything. We called the other members of the group and they told us to just accept his kindness and not to worry about the money. We basically had no choice but to agree. That man spent 150€ on bus tickets for three strangers. And people say Humanity is dead! It's not! There are tons of unnamed heroes out there. We were deeply grateful to this man. He made sure we got to our destination faster and safer. So wherever you are, Thank you!!

We got on the bus and it was super fancy, with screen on the back of each seat, catering, toilets and very comfortable.

Trying to choose what to watch!

Absorbing the view

We had a long drive all the way to Antalia. It was on the bus that I got my first cultural shock. As you know we were three. Me, Martyna and Kuba. I was sitting next to Martyna at first and Kuba was sitting by himself. Then a lady comes with her daughter and realizes that there are no double seats available so they would have to seat separately. The mother starts to panic because the daughter would have to seat next to Kuba. She tries to ask us if we can change seats, but we couldn't understand her, so she starts to speak louder, we still couldn't understand. Eventually a bus assistant comes and explains the situation to us. We understood then, Martyna moved next to Kuba and the girl sat next to me and all was well again.
I'm not a religious person, but I respect those who are. When I travel I try to blend as much as possible. I may not agree with everone, but I do respect it.
It was very strange to witness first hand this notion that if that girl would sit next to a male stranger that would make her less of what she was, or make her impure in some way. And that made me very angry and sad, but like I said, I respect it if that's her choice.

I'm sorry about the small heart to heart. Moving on. We arrived in Antalia at dinner time. In order to save money on accommodation, we used couch-surfing. Meaning we stayed with a local, at their house.
Our host went to pick us up, and took us out for a stroll in the city to see some ancient ruins.

The view on the way was amazing.

Ancient ruins in Antalia


Nice archways

Once we got to the house we had this cutie waiting for us.

His name was Panda.

After such a long trip we were finally in our destination. Now the holidays could actually begin.
On the next post I'll tell you all about our time in the south of Turkey.

Write to you soon!