Turkey - Part 4 - Antália

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Keeping with my Turkey theme, this time I'll show you some of the wonders from the south of Turkey, specifically Antalia.
If you are new to this thing I call a blog, first: Where have you been? and second: you can read the beginning of my adventure here. Seriously people try and keep up 😊

So we finally arrived in Antalia. Like I told you in Part 3, we got there late at night, but we were fortunate enough to have our host pick us up. We were couchsurfing, which meant we were staying in with the locals. This is the best way to travel and get to know the true essence of a place.

We stayed with Melih, an easy going young man, who had the cutest dog, named Panda. Since we arrived so late, on the first night we just went to have some drinks and walked a bit in the historical part of the city.

We were so happy to have a bed and a shower after such a long bus trip. Kuba had a room to himself and me and Martyna stayed on the mattress in the living room. It was a very nice apartment, modern and comfortable.

The next day we got up early and full of energy to go and discover the city. Melih decided to stay with us and take us to Aspendos, an ancient Greco-Roman city, close to Antalia.

This place was amazing, a super well preserved ancient city, built by the Greeks, that the Romans took over, the Persians also tried to have a piece and even Alexander the Great passed by. So it was fairly important.

We spent the day watching ruins, which was great and all, but at the end we were getting tired of so many "rocks". We were all dreaming with clear blue water and nice sandy beach.
Antalia is really a beautiful place, the beaches were breathtaking!!

The beach we spent the afternoon

Turkish breakfast

We always find nice people

Turkish delight

A lot of funny things happened during our stay in Antalia. Mostly awkward situations that turned out to be very entertaining. So, one of the days we were at the beach, the water was amazing, no waves whatsoever, me and Martyna were swimming, and we saw a yacht anchored near the beach. We decided to try and talk to the people there, because why not!! So we swim up to the yacht and we start talking to the couple there, asking if they were having a nice time and if we could join them for some drinks and, maybe a boat ride along the coast. Well, apparently we were too "white" to be on their boat. The guy said that we looked like two polar bears that ran away from the Arctic. Shame!!! So no boat ride for us, but at least we tried and now i can say that once upon a time i was so white that someone called me a polar bear!!

We stayed in Antalia for three or four days and we walked around the cost, through some trekking paths that were super fun. Melih even nicknamed me Legolas, because i was so light on my feet. I'm not sure it was a compliment but hey I look like a beautiful male elf, yay!!

On our last night we decided to use our tent and spend the night at the beach. We bought some chicken legs, potatoes and found a place to grill. The beach where we were staying had these small grills for people to use and make picnics.

At least we didn't starve

We met a group of Turkish guys that were doing the same as us and we decided to just hang out and share the drinks we had. We sat around the fire and talked about our trip, they asked what were we doing there, why we wanted to visit Turkey, the usual questions. I'm pretty sure they thought we were crazy people. At some point they asked why were we travelling together, what were we to each other. So we decided to say that Kuba and me were married and that Martyna was his sister.
Now you guys know that this is a lie, we knew this was a lie, but they totally didn't and after that the weird questions began. "Why don't you have kids?", "How long have you been married?", "Why is your sister here too?", "Does she have a husband?"
I'm not really sure how, but Kuba and Martyna always had an answer for them and we kept the story up the whole time.
But the best "Lie" of the night was when we made up that Cristiano Ronaldo and Figo were together and their relationships were just a cover up.They were big football fans, so I'm sure they were googling that the next morning to make sure it wasn't true.

The last situation that i'll talk about it's not awkward, just different. So on our last morning in Antalia, me and Martyna were sunbathing in our bikinis, two polar bears trying to get a bit of colour. After a while this Turkish family appears, the father, mother, two kids, a boy and a girl and the grandmother; the contrast between us couldn't be bigger. We in our bikinis and, the kids in the bathing suits, the father with a shirt and shorts, the mother dressed from head to toe, you could only see her face, and the grandmother in a burka. In that Kodak moment, you could feel the difference in each generation. 
I don't want people to take this the wrong way, for me it was just a situation that struck me because the cultural difference was so big. 

After a few hours we started to get ready to leave, cleaned our area of the beach, packed our stuff and went to the main street, to get a car to take us to our next destination, Konya

I'm sorry for the long post, but there are tons of pictures and funny stories I want to share with you.

Konya is next, so stay tuned.