Hello to you all

This past month as been a rolarcoster of emotions. From very happy moments to the most sad and shocking ones.

But lets go to the beginning. Everything was going fine and we were doing some activities here, we also started with our Romanian/Romani classes. I have to say that they are very difficult languages. I never thought that they would be so different from each other. Apart from some similarities they are two completely distinct languages.

But on with the story. This has been a real big adventure so far. I've met a lot of different people.

I was here around two weeks when some shocking news reached my ears. The person that I had left back home was already moving on and had found someone new to be with. This was very hard for me because even though I had come to Romania, I still had some hope that things would work out once I returned home. How wrong I was. That week was hell. we discussed and discussed what had happen to us to get to this type of ending. In the end no conclusion was found, we just let ourselves drift apart. it was sad that it ended like that but i was determined to live my life here and have a good time.

Me and the other volunteers decided that the first trip of EVS would be to the capital of Romania, Bucharest. And I have to say that this city is somewhat magical. It might not have that much to see in terms of monuments, but you sure can feel the atmosphere. It was really a nice city.

With a big big Parliament building. It's the second largest in the world, the Capitol in America being the biggest.

We stayed at a very nice hostel in the city center. Perfect to go everywhere without needing public transportation.

I guess now I like to feel the cities in a different way. I never feel like doing the tourist "thing", getting up really early to see the city from one point to another. I rather feel the places, the people, the clubs and parties.

I forgot to tell you all that we went there by hitchhiking. This on is own was already an adventure. We separated into pairs, one girl and one boy. I was with German. We managed to find a ride quite quickly. The driver told us that he would leave us 74 Km from Bucharest, so we just agreed and went with the flow. What we didn't anticipated was that he would leave us 74 km from the capital in the middle of the Highway. Yes you read it correctly highway. So my hormonal self started to panic, because no one would stop in the middle of the highway to give us a ride. Fortunately it was a short panic and quickly a mini bus stopped to take us to Bucharest.

It left us near the metro station, so the rest of the way was on our own. 
It was very amusing to watch German in the metro station. And why you may ask? Because it was the first time that he ever rode one. It was kind of cultural shock for me. Being the metro something that I'm so used to, to experience first hand the joy and wonder of someone that was living that for the first time was really interesting. It showed me that there are many things outside of my own small world, things that are a lot bigger than me.

The two of us managed to arrive at the hostel. After all six of us got to Bucharest and after hearing all the different adventures that each of us had to get there, we decided to go get some dinner. And after that go to a club. We went to one that was very close to the hostel. The name was Eden and it had a sort of oldish feeling, very underground. We all loved it. 

There we met some guys from Australia, Brazil and a local one from Romania. To say it was interesting was an understatement. Specially because they were all very good looking. It was different but I had a good time.

The next day, we all got up around lunch time. As you can see much latter then normal for a tourist day. Nevertheless we went on our visit through the city, and took all the tourists pictures.

We even played in the playground and let our inner child take that moment.
After this we spent a few more moments in the city and then we went to the hostel to get ready for the night.
In that day our coordinator would be in Bucharest as well so we all decided to meet for a few drinks and dinner.

I had a really great time. I feel that I have a family here in Romania and that includes Georgeta, our coordinator. That takes a weigh of my chest, because I know that if I need something they will be there for me.

After that we went to another club Kulturhaus. I have to say that this place would have been perfect if it wasn't the fact that it was full of high school kids. It reminded me of one of the clubs back home. One that I went once and didn't really like.

Anyway we got tired and went home quite early. xD

The next day we would be leaving back to Ramnicu Valcea.

Continuing our journey, we went out of the city to the place where you can start to hitchhike. And where that is you may ask?! In the beginning of the HIGHWAY. Yes the highway. This time we teamed up the Turkish mafia and went in a Turkish Truck. Very bad ass. It's very funny how the Turkish help each other in any situation. All you have to do is wave the flag and a truck will stop to take you as close to your destination as possible. I would never imagine that happening in my country. But then again we don't have a tradition in hitchhiking like Romania does. Here is quite normal to use this method of transportation to travel anywhere. But be careful because sometimes the driver asks for money. So state from the beginning that there will be no payment.

The ride back home was funny to say the least, between Turkish traditions the journey was over and I was back in Rm. Valcea.

And that was my first adventure within the adventure that is being in Romania.

More on the way.