Arrival training - Mid term training

Hello to all Evs's and non EVS's of course :)

Hope you all have been doing good.

My God it's been forever. I have really been neglecting my own blog.

When I started I was all pumped up to write everyday and make a nice journal of my time in Romania. I guess that didn't happen and now I have to make up for it.

This post was supposed to be about On Arrival training. And now it's going to be about that and also Mid-term training.

You might ask what are these strange training's that I'm talking about, well I'll try my best to explain it to you.

All EVS volunteers have to attend these trainings provided by the National Agency of the Hosting organization. In my case it's Romanian National Agency.

This "organization" is responsible for the projects and volunteers. Basically they make sure that all our rights are being respected, and that we are having a nice time in Romania and that everything is going smoothly in the project and with the hosting organization.

These training evaluate our EVS stage progress, projects and give us more tools to apply in each of our activities. They can be boring, but I do think it's a necessary "evil" in order to keep track of what is happening and if the projects are being well enforced in the communities and if we have the proper conditions to do our jobs.

It's also a great place for networking. I met people from all over the world and I can say that some of them became my friends. The type that I know I can count on.

On Arrival training is like the welcoming of all the new volunteers in Romania. It's one week of a lot of training sessions and a LOT of partying. And I mean really a LOT. :)

It's usually a very big group and confusing as hell.

There they told us all we needed to know about EVS and how everything is progressed. We had intercultural nights and Romanian nights where we presented our countries and, in the receiving end they prepared for us a traditional dinner with a lot of dishes and folk music.

While Arrival training teaches the beginning of the EVS journey, the Mid-term training is to evaluate how the projects are developing, what have been the struggles we have been facing and what comes after EVS.

It's hard to reach this point and feel like I didn't do anything. While it has been a great experience over all, I do think that in the project itself not much has been done. Which is a shame.
Anyway after the training a new motivation arises to do more things regarding the activities.

This time there was not hard partying, but again we did get a taste of Romanian traditional music.
The session were in a easy going atmosphere which facilitated the connection between all of us.
Again I can say that more than networking I made friends.

Thank you :)