Turkey - Part 2

Hello, hello

Like I told you in the last post, that you can read or reread here, the second day of my trip to Turkey started very early in the morning, "close" to the border where we spent the night in the truck.

We got up maybe around 6 am, thanked our driver and started our journey. We walked a lot. The driver had said that it was around 5 km to the border, I don't think he had any idea how far away we were.
5 km? More like 10 km. After panting for an hour we asked another driver for some information. He said that at that point we were still 6 km away from the border. WHAT?! Wasn't it 5 km an hour ago?!

It took us a moment to process the info. We were still very far, and we would be wasting time trying to go on foot to the border. We needed to find a car that was going through. But before that we had coffee with a Polish driver. I have to say Martyna and Kuba were very happy to speak Polish to someone and I was just pretending I could understand what they were saying. Tak, tak!

This was us "near" the border

There were no more mugs, so cold coffee in a bowl

So after a quick "breakfast" we went on our way again. We started looking out for the cars that were passing by us and trying to get a ride from one of them. It took some time but we finally managed to.
The man that gave us a ride was part of a two car group. We discovered after that, that the first car passed by us, called the man and told him to take us. He was very nice but quiet since he didn't speak English.
He took us to the border where we showed our visas, passports and opened some of the bags. Standard procedure, so we weren't worried.
After all that we met with the people form the other car. They were super friendly. They told us they got curious when they saw us on the road and decided to help us. We told them about our plan to go south, and it just so happened that the man who was taking us was going south and would be able take us as far as Izmir, which is roughly half of the way. He would also give us a room to spend the night. Awesome!!

Don't make fun of my Paint skills. The red path is our drive with this ride. The green path is what we still had left until Antalia.

It's amazing how you can find people that will go above and beyond to help others, without asking for anything in return.

These were the amazing new friends we made

Before driving south we just had to make a quick stop at a clothing factory. Basically they were coming from Bulgaria where they have a store. They went to Turkey to get more clothes apparently.

We got separated at some point. Martyna was the courageous one, so she went alone in the other car.

After everything was ready, we started our long drive to Izmir. Here are some of the sites:

We passed by the country side

The river/sea 

Our driver and us


On the other side of the river

We took the ferry to cross the river and it was super fun but very windy.

In the ferry to cross the river

Quick! Throw Martyna out!!

Pictures near the car

More like photo shoot

This was another great day in Turkey, the first of many. We arrived in Izmir in the middle of the night. So we showered and went strait to "bed". We would have another long day ahead of us. But that is for Part 3 of this story.

Remember to stay safe and happy travels.